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  • The Twinkle Star Method with Tiffany Henderson of Twinkle Star Dance

  • Studio Owners Only: Earning Profit Beyond Tuition with Tiffany Henderson of Twinkle Star Dance

  • Expanding Your Studio by Offering Acro Dance (Even If This Is All New to You!) with Melissa Klassen of Acro Dance Teachers Association

  • Make Dance Fun: Studio Culture and Events with Dani Rosenberg & Becca Moore of Confetti on the Dance Floor

  • 3 Trending Policy Problems.... Solved! with Kathy Blake

  • Mind Your Business with Brooke Hardebeck

  • Parent Problems: How to De-esclate a 4 Alarm Parent with Suzanne Blake-Gerety & Kathy Blake

  • Leading the Team Lab: How to Create Teamwork Between Your Faculty and Staff with Suzanne Blake-Gerety & Brooke Hardebeck



  • Inspiration for your Social Media Feed with Dani Rosenberg & Becca Moore of Confetti on the Dance Floor

  • Sell Performance Tickets While You Sleep with Dance Recital Ticketing

  • Your Studio Office Organized: Tasks, Calendars, Project Management with Suzanne Blake-Gerety & Jill Tirone

  • Facebook Advertising That Works: Find Students Who Register with Jill Tirone

  • 6 Ways to Simplify Your Recital Program Ad Process and Earn a Profit with Joe Naftal

  • Customer Service: Put Your Best Foot Forward with Joe Naftal

  • Website Audit Lab: Take a Look at Your Website from a New Student Perspective with Jill Tirone & Joe Naftal


  • Making the Connection with the Corrections with Eileen Juric of PowerDance Technique

  • Ballet: From the Inside Out with Eileen Juric of PowerDance Technique

  • Show Stars Jazz Class with Tiffany Henderson of Twinkle Star Dance

  • Age-Appropriate Hip Hop with Gina Badone

  • Contemporary with Gina Badone

  • Musical Theatre with Gina Badone

  • Jazz Progressions with Gina Badone

  • Motivating Your Acrobats to WANT to Work on Basics Before Big Tricks: Clever Hacks for Acro Class! with Melissa Klassen of Acro Dance Teachers Association

  • Healthy Hips: Learn How to Safely and Effectively Stretch and Stabilize Hips with Mandy Yip of Acrobatic Arts

  • Classroom Management 101 with Andrea Trench of DiscoverDance 

  • The Power of Props with Andrea Trench of DiscoverDance

  • Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology for Dance Teachers with Carrie Goodnight

  • Learn the Basics of Spotting Foundational Skills for Acrobatics with Mandy Yip of Acrobatic Arts

  • Top 10 Dance Makeup Mistakes with Auramyss Riedel of JAM Cosmetics

  • Courageous Conversations = Connection with Jessica Michaels of Wingman for Dance

  • Artistic Direction Lab: Creativity, Inspiration and Keeping Your Passion Alive with Lizzie MacKenzie & Kathy Blake

  • Recital Idea Lab: Elevate Your Show with Themes, Music, Costumes and Props with Taylor Hiller & Dani Rosenberg & Becca Moore

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