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Friday, August 16

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, prior to Energize

Opt-in to an empowering pre-Energize Dance Studio Owner Only session designed to help you make the most of your weekend! Regardless of studio size or how long you’ve been in business, if you need a push to help increase your enrollment, grow your studio or just feel empowered to take that next step, you won’t want to miss this.

Hosted by industry expert and Energize presenter Tiffany Henderson, owner of 7 successful dance studio locations and founder of the Twinkle Star Dance program implemented in 300+ dance studios worldwide. Tiffany will motivate and inspire you to make decisions this weekend at Energize that will help grow your business revenue.

Session 1: Back to Basics: The Importance of your Preschool and Recreational Dance Program

Every successful dance studio owner knows a solid preschool and recreational dance program is the key to having more money and feeling less stress. Tiffany Henderson dives into the vital changes  and systems she put in place at her dance studios to become the “go-to” studio in town for dancers ages 2-12. Gain exclusive access to her business trade secrets and jump-start your new season in this stimulating hour-long dance studio owner only session.  

Session 2: Face Your Fears in 2020: The Dance Studio Owner Challenge 

Self-doubt, ego, anxiety - these are just some of the common denominators holding you and your business back from reaching your full potential. As Tiffany Henderson embarks on her 20th dance season, she is embracing her power as a woman business owner and doing away with the naysayers. Find community, accountability, and strategy in this hour-long dance studio owner session. 

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Submission confirmed! See you on Friday!

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